Kung fu is one of the best martial arts if it isn't the bestThe App contains more than 500 videos and increasing daily it is well categorized Videos of courses by professional kung fu mastersSample of our categories :Basics - Stance Basics - PunchingBasics - MeditationBasics - KickingBasics - Blocking And Attacking (Self Defense)Styles - wing chunStyles - the praying mantisStyles - northern shaolin Secrets - iron palmand more Videos are public videos hosted on YouTube selected well to give you good trainingif you would like to suggest adding or removing any video just contact usThe App allow you to like watch the video and add it to favorite New videos added to the top of the listYou can search for specific video or categoryApp is very lite and fast it is 4MB onlyEnjoy the App and please don't forget to rate it and review , don't forget to tell us what should we add in next release.Why Kung Fu ?Kung Fu builds ultimate athletes with high levels of conditioning.If you are out of shape, we will get you in shape safely.If you are in shape, we will take you to the next level. We will help you balance your body from the left to the right, top to the bottom, and inside and out.If you are a top level athlete, you will build incredible synergy and deep core level connections while perfecting your physique.Kung Fu benefits :Strength training for your whole bodyFlexibility training for your whole bodyBalanceCoordination, mental focus, and expanded awarenessBuild and revitalize your BloodCultivate and store your Qi or Vital EnergyStrengthen your Internal OrgansThis app includesLearn kung fuKung fu teachersKung fu skillswing chunshaolinwushushaolin kung fukenjutsukung fu masterescrima
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