How well do you know the guys and girls of track and field? Test your knowledge here with our application. Events include 100 meters sprint, high jump, 10000 meters, front crawl (not quite track or field, but close), long jump, hurdles and most of the others are included. Name the stars you know as quickly as possible as the screen reveals your favourite athletes in a multitude of ways. If you like the Commonwealth Games (Glasgow 2014), Olympic Games, World Championships, indoor or out then you will love this challenging application.The Track and Field Free Application is designed for coaches, athletes and fans of track and field. It consists of different calculators and converters that are useful for track and field such as:-Indoor Track Size Converter The Indoor track size converter will convert any time for any indoor discipline to a time run on a different type of track.-Stopwatch The application has a stopwatch with lap splits. -400m Dash Adjustment Calculator Convert 400m dash times by entering the time and altitude (or selecting a city where the time is ran to provide the altitude). -Timer The application includes a timer for user's who want to work out over specified intervals. Track and Field Clipboard is a tablet application designed to replace the traditional pencil and paper approach used to record athlete scores for field events at track meets.Field events such as discus, hammer throw, javelin, long jump, shot put, and triple jump are supported by this application. The athlete performances can be recorded in both feet and inches or in meters.A competitive event can be customized to have different number of marks depending on the rules of the specific meet. Multiple flights of athletes for a single competition are supported and the athletes that move onto finals are automatically calculated and displayed in the correct order. As scores are entered, the athletes place is kept up to date and the final results are available instantly.After the competition is over the results sheet can be emailed. The results include the athletes in order of finish along with the best mark, and all marks recorded for the competition.Track and field require specific strength and conditioning workouts to allow them to compete at a high level. This program focuses on helping these types of athletes optimize the muscles used in track and field events. These athletes must have a balance of full range of motion and enough muscle/strength to allow them to compete at a high level. This program helps athletes for the following track and field events:- Sprints (100m, 200m, 400m)- Long Jump- Triple Jump- Hurdling - High Jump- Pole vault- Javelin- Discuss- DecathlonDownload Track and Field Application NOW! it's FREE!
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