Fitness Home Workouts

This application will allow you to achieve great results, within a short period of time. This application allows you to create your own program that fits your needs. In addition to,Fitness is a vast database of exercises for each muscle, with detailed descriptions in exercise. Moreover, our application provides workout plans,And fitness. Why pay for expensive coaches when you can do it yourselfDescription and animation for each exercise- An opportunity to add your own exercises as you wish- Ready-made workout plans for men and women- An opportunity to add exercise plans as you wish- Opportunity to add exercise results- An opportunity to add body measurement resultsEvaluation exercises- Player of workout sessions- Data synchronization- User support- Regular application update- Simple and easy to use interfaceExercises for all muscle groups:* the chest* biceps* Triceps* Returns* Legs* Shoulders* the heartEach practice has instructions, Guidlin and drawing. For example+ Lift+ Squatting+ Sit ups+ Blanc+ Crisis+ Sitting wallJack the Antennas+ Muscle up
Operating System Android