NFL Playoff Predictors

This app will let you pick every game of the NFL regular season, and pick the post-season games as well.It will break ties according to the NFL Tiebreaking Procedures, and seed the post-season accordingly.If you're not familiar with what this app is for or does, please consider visiting the website and browsing around there -- the purpose of the website and the app is to let users pick what they think the outcome will be of every game of the NFL regular season, and then pick the post-season through to the Super Bowl.This app does not make predictions on the outcome of games.The Playoff Predictors ranking algorithm correctly breaks all ties (excluding score-based ones) down to the coin toss. Competitors either do not let you pick every game of the season, or do not correctly break all tie conditions. We do.A note to my first users: this app will be undergoing heavy development over the next month or so to get it to feature parity with the PlayoffPredictors website. This app will not be second-class citizen to the website, and all new features of the website will be ported to this app, as well as making the app as mobile-centric as possible. Thank you for your patience.If you would like to reach out to me, you can do so via
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