QMD3 Billiards Stroke Trainer/AnalyzerQMD3 is an innovative billiards training aid designed to help you find and fix the flaws in your pool stroke. A new way to practice, let QMD3's precision and accuracy take your game to the next level.The highly sensitive QMD3 Bluetooth 4.2 enabled device is attached to your pool cue and transmits detailed 3-D information about your stroke to the free QMD3 app on your Android SmartPhone or Tablet.QMD3 features automatic shot recording/graphical playback with a stroke velocity chart and cue tip view. Instant, audible 'as you stroke' alerts pinpoint problem areas in your stroke. Comprehensive metrics are generated for each practice shot allowing in-depth analysis to identify flaws, tendencies and to compare your progress with prior practice sessions.The QMD3 device may be ordered from www.Cue-MD.com.
Operating System Android