Boxing requires a lot of self-discipline, high tolerance level, courage, and unique defensive expertise. Boxing App explains the fundamentals of boxing, such as when it all began, moves and strategies, information on basic boxing gear, and the types of boxing. It also provides information on the various tournaments held along with a list of the legends of the game. The information here is meant to supplement your knowledge on the sport. However, it is not a comprehensive guide on how to play the sport.Boxing App is meant for anyone who wants to know about boxing. It is prepared keeping in mind that the reader is unaware about the basics of the sport. It is a basic guide to help a beginner understand the sport of boxing.This app is for people new to the sport of boxing. This app teaches you correct techniques, while also providing you with workouts to improve your skills. on punching, boxer's stance, footwork, sparring, training, and how to find a good boxing gym. The basic techniques make fighting easier for beginners while encouraging good habits. As you become more skillful and athletic, you will find it necessary to "break the rules" for strategic purposes.We made this complete basic boxing guide for all beginner boxers, filled with explanations & pics.Featured Techniques- Punches- Basic Combinations- Bag Drills- Beginner Mitt Drills- Defense- Beginner to Intermediate Footwork- Shadow boxing drillsBoxing is a highly technical sport that requires developed techniques. Some of these skills are punching, slipping, jabbing, ducking, etc. This app utilizes expert coaching to ensure that you learn correct form and technique as the program guides you through the multiple weeks of training. Developing pro boxing skills is not difficult if you have a trainer -- let this be your boxing trainer! Learn deadly combinations and techniques to protect yourself in the ring. Learn proper footwork so you float like a butterfly, sting like a bee -- out-performing all of your competition.
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