Deer Wiz: Hunting Predictions, Weather & Scouting

We built this app to empower deer hunters around the world to have the most success in the woods that they possible can by utilizing our app Deer Wiz. PREDICTIONS BY HUNTERSDeer Wiz hunting predictions are based off several factors that have been tested for years.1. Barometric Pressure - is one of the main factors deer get on their feet and we take advantage of the barometer to give predictions based on years of research.2. Weather - can be a big factor in deer movement as well such as drastic temperature changes.3. Solunar Theory- We are also taking in consideration moon phases using the solunar hunting theory developed by John Knight.SCOUTING TOOLS BY HUNTERSTurn your Phone into the greatest deer scouting tool ever!1. Add and plot your farms 2. Plot your stands, blinds, acorn flats, and food plots3. View live wind conditions for each and every stand.SOCIAL WALL SHAPED BY HUNTING ENTHUTHIASTEnjoy a community full of like minded passionate hunters and outdoors enthusiast with our outdoor wiz social accounts1. Share your experiences - Share tips with fellow hunters or learn from fellow hunters2. Log your harvests - Share your harvest with the community to inspire them.3. Record your hunts - saving weather details at the time of the hunt.HUNT BETTER WITH THE BEST HUNTING PREDICTION TOOLS EVER CREATED!THANKS FOR USING DEERWIZ!
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