Anybuddy is the application that makes it easy for you to organize sporting events with people from your network!If you struggle to organise your sport events with your buddiesIf you would like to make this famous football that never happens.If you sometimes miss these last 2 people to play.If you have to call all the 5-a side centers to find an available pitch around you.If you exchange 36 SMS, 45 Facebook, 153 Whatsapp and 1 messenger pigeon to organize an hour of sport.This application is made for you.It is a simple, fun and effective tool to organize, from the search for partners to the reservation of a pitch.Anybuddy has been thought through by and for game creators.Using Anybuddy, you can:- Organize matches in your network.- See the available slots around you in real time and book them through the app.- Discuss with the participants before and after the match.- Vote for a place and date.- Expand your circle by giving your friends the opportunity to invite people from their network.- Join sports communities near you.The people you invite do not need to have the app to participate! They can just reply to the SMS that Anbuddy sends them! Smart isn't it?The application handles notification reminders and waiting lists.Free yourself from organizational constraints! Try out Anybuddy.We are listening!A question ? A suggestion ? A problem ? Write us at
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