SportContract Communication

The SportContract Communication App is an exclusive tool that provides a private and secure platform forClub Owners, Club CEOs, Managers, Managers Sport, Coaches, Scouts, Players, Player Unions, Agentsaround the world to communicate with each other directly and discreetly. SportContract Communication allows users to find and quickly get in contact with relevant contacts in the hockey community and to expand their professional network. The professional profile is the perfect business card to be noticed in the world of hockey. SportContract Communication is the first module that is released as a Mobile App. Our Browser Application offers additional modules as: extended communication module- game footage (access to worldwide complete hockey games) - video editor and video sharing- scouting (department) - advanced player search engine- recruiting and player trading- team / player management- team budget planning- team / player rating (game by game) - exhibition game planner / finder.
Operating System Android