Ninjutsu Techniques

Ninjutsu is a systemized Japanese martial art used for the specific purpose of espionage. The art was practiced by the shinobi or ninja that rose to prominence during Japan's Sengoku period (1467-1573; aka Warring States period). However, the origin of ninjutsu is just as secretive as the men who practiced the art. One version theorizes that the ninja started via the Chinese Tang dynasty (618-907) ; the first recorded sect of assassins practiced their secret arts in the forests of northern China. It was during Korea's Three Kingdoms period (circa A. D. 663, Koguryo, Paechta and Silla kingdoms) that the Tang-backed Silla used Chinese assassins to defeat the Japanese-back Paechta. This gave rise to the Korean sulsa assassins that possibly influenced the rise of the ninja. Most people are familiar with the romanticized image of a ninja: people running around in face-covered black attire. However, the most effective ninja are the ones sitting next to you in math class, blending into their surroundings. Ninjutsu encompasses kicking, grappling and taijustsu (linear and circular empty-hand skills). It also emphasizes the use of traditional weapons such as the sword, dagger, dart, weighted chain and shurikens (ninja stars). Modern training forgoes past ninja skills like horsemanship, explosives and poisons. If any of this sounds familiar such as ninjutsu tutorial, ninjutsu move, ninjutsu technique, ninjutsu for beginner, ninjutsu tutorial, learn ninjutsu, shotokan ninjutsu, ninjutsu do, ninjutsu kata, ninjutsu martial arts. Thankfully, you've come to the right place. This application offers everything you needNo 1 App For Best Ninjutsu Technique with step by step in Play StoreFeature List: ? Amazing 1000+ Ninjutsu Technique with step by step? 1000+ Ninjutsu Technique in best quality? Lots of perfect 1000+ Ninjutsu Technique in HD Quality? You can share all images to social media and other? You can add 3D Ninjutsu Technique into favorite list? Zoom in, zoom out for all images? Application works offline. No need to download wallpapers. Download now and enjoy our 3D Ninjutsu Technique applications.
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