SOCIAL GOLF CONCIERGEGolfication is a Mobile Golf Concierge that makes playing Golf more enjoyable and rewarding. It helps golfers worldwide to learn, network, compete, engage, and play more golf. Here's a glimpse of what you can do on the app: Discover what's hot: news, reviews, places and deals. Submit your Scorecard to earn REAL money and bragging rights. Take Lessons from TOP coaches, and track your stats. NETWORK with influential golfers and your own Golf-buddiesDISCOVER WHAT'S HOT: The app has curated thousands of articles, stories, events, equipment and reviews, golf courses, and trending news items just for you. So no more scouring the internet for that elusive Swing Tip or for a suitable Golf Holiday Destination. How does the app know what you like? It uses smart algorithms incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, to understand you skill-level, handicap, frequency of play and places you like to visit. The more you use the app, the better your experience becomes. EARN MONEY BY PLAYING GOLF: Snap your scorecard to earn badges and REAL money. Every birdie or eagle you make becomes a bragging-point in your social circle. And every good score you post adds to your earnings. You can redeem these earnings against golf equipment, learning packages and events. Golfers can therefore earn points by doing what they love: playing Golf. TAKE LESSONS FROM ELITE PROS: Golfication is used by golfers to learn from elite coaches through a two-way video-based learning environment. Use your phone to record and upload your golf-swing, for slow-motion video-analysis from elite coaches. You want more distance on the driver? We'll show you how. Are you slicing the ball? We'll fix that for you. You can learn golf-basics like the golf-posture, back-swing basics, and plane of swing through interactive golf-modules. Download Golfication for free and start lowering your golf scores today. NETWORK WITH PASSIONATE & INFLUENTIAL GOLFERS: Get on Golfication, add your handicap and home-club, and allow us to find golfers around you and grow your network. You can connect with your golf buddies on the app, share photos, swing videos, helpful tips or just a hilarious Golf joke. Golfication is a network built by golfers, with golfers in mind. More power to you. CONTACT US: We are continually working on new features, updates and bug fixes for Golfication. For support or feature requests, please write to us at contactus@khelfie.com. We would love to hear from you. Do check out our awesome website: www.golfication.comAnd look us up on Social Media: Facebook: facebook.com/Golfication. Twitter: @Golfication. Instagram: @GolficationSo are you prepared for some serious #golfication?
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