Master Joe Sayah, from the Ip Man -> William Cheung family of the Wing Chun Kung Fu style, demonstrates the Sil Lim Tao Form and several of its combat applications. He is assisted by his wife Sifu Mandy Sayah, and student Sifu Dominique Emond. This is SLT-P1 (Sil Lim Tao - Part 1). 25 downloadable videos at 1080p for a total of 1.17 GB (1199.63 MB) of content. Download them all at once in a batch, or one at at time; over Wifi of course. Delete them when you no longer want them on your device, and download them again whenever you wish. View the videos in portrait or landscape mode; though landscape mode provides best experience. Videos: Welcome MessageSil Lim Tao FormPunch/Huen Sao/Pak Sao IntroPunch/Huen Sao/Pak Sao AttackPunch/Huen Sao/Arm Break IntroPunch/Huen Sao/Arm BreakTan Sao Against Punches IntroTan Sao Against Round PunchTan Sao Against Round Punch #2Tan Sao Against Round Punch #3Tan Sao Against Straight PunchTan Sao/Huen Sao/Pak Sao IntroTan Sao Against Round Punch, Huen Sao/Pak SaoTan Sao/Huen Sao/Arm Break IntroTan Sao Against Straight Punch, Arm BreakFook Sao/Huen Sao IntroFook Sao/Huen Sao Against Rear StraightFook Sao/Huen Sao Against Lead StraightFook Sao/Tok Sao Against StraightFook Sao/Tok Sao to Arm LockPak Sao/Palm Strike IntroPak Sao/Larp Sao Against Jab/HookPak Sao/Larp Sao AttackPak Sao/Larp Sao Against JabPromotional TrailerIf you like this app, you may also likeWing Chun vs MMAhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com. wingchununiverse. www.wingchunvsmma.
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