The American Football Association is a national 501 (c) (3) non-profit, tax exemptcorporation in its 37th year of operation and is dedicated to the advancement of adultsemi-pro/minor league football teams and leagues in the United States. Our slogan isSemi Pro & Proud: registered: The AFA is a National Service Organization that doesnot impose or govern local issues. We are not affiliated with any other national semipro/minor league organizationThe AFA was founded in 1980 by Ronald J. Real under the name Minor ProfessionalFootball Association (MPFA). It's main function was to conduct an annual post-seasonchampionship tournament for teams calling themselves minor league. The American Football Association remains committed to our mission to keep alive thememories of those who have played, coached, officiated and managed at our level ofthe game. Our ongoing objective is one of ensuring that semi-pro/minor league footballparticipants are remembered forever by their fans, family, teammates and those whofollow their football leadership in the future. AFA CREED: If you can't move a mountain. then move a grain of sand. If you can'treach a million people. then touch a single hand. If you can't impress them all. then impress only those who answer your call. Semi-Pro and Proud: registered: is whatwe are. that's what makes the AFA the best by far. Ron Real.
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