The A-Town Ballers is a non-profit organization for youth that first started in June 2007. We are the AAU/ Feeder team for the Antelope High School Boys Basketball Team and other nearby schools. Preparation and training begins in January, tournaments begin in March, and the season ends in June/July. The games are played under High School regulations. At this time, the A-Town Ballers teams consist of 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th grade basketball players. They are primarily students in the Dry Creek School District and members of the AAU organization. Ballers players have achieved a higher degree of skill level and basketball knowledge that requires them to find a more competitive environment to hone their abilities in order to be better prepared for basketball at the High School level. The Ballers Coaches have over 20 years experience in High School / Middle school basketball, team tournaments, training, and workshops The A-Town Ballers is recognized as an outstanding feeder program for the Antelope High School Basketball Program. Antelope is a growing community that is rich in diversity. It has seen a rapidly expanding business culture and its schools are growing with the recent addition of the new Antelope High School. More parents and families are looking for quality schools, local churches, and more opportunities for its youth. We are a self-sufficient community where our schools are very attractive, have beautiful parks, and a place where it is considered safe to raise a family.
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