7 min Abs Workout Challenge

Build your abdominal muscles and get six pack with doing this exercises 7 minutes a day. App 7 min abs workout contains special exercises for styling all your abdominal muscles. There are six interval workouts in three levels, so you can go from bodystyling for beginners to advanced challenges. You can also do your personal workout program. Do your workout routines at home without equipment now. FEATURES: Free workouts in three levels, from beginner to proExercises without equipment for doing workout routine at homePersonal workout creatorAdjustable timer for circuit and rest timeWorkouts for both men and womenAbs exercises library with description and proper animationStatistics of your training and exercises countNotification reminder HOW USE THIS APP These exercises are designed to get muscular abs and form six pack, not to lose weight and fat. If you look for burn fat try to other workouts like Tabata, full body workout or high-intensity interval training (HIIT). There are many exercises included in the workout: mountain climber, bicycle crunch, touch heels, plank, sitting twist, etc.These exercises are recommended for fully training your abdominal and back muscles. Do the exercises properly, it's important for your health. You can modify and correct your motions according to list of exercises in our app. 7 Minutes workout is designed to help people like you and me. You can do a workout anytime and anywhere. It not depends on your sex, skills or age. Do not be lazy, do exercise and be stronger.
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