Improve your swimming and stay motivated with Firebelly. Whether you are learning to pace or an elite swimmer trying to change your stroke rate or perfect your race strategy, Firebelly can help. The Firebelly App works in conjunction with a Firebelly device to monitor your swimming, give you feedback, and help you improve. The Firebelly device is worn in the pool during your swim workout. Its bone conduction audio makes it easy to hear your split times, total times, stroke count, stroke rate and more while you swim. Wear the Firebelly device on your goggle strap or under your cap and get performance feedback with no interruption to your swim. After your swim, pair the device with the Firebelly App and see detailed data for every repeat and every length. The Firebelly App allows you to drill down into your swim and see split times, stroke count, and stroke rate for each length. Gain valuable insight into your workout, identify areas for improvement, and keep track of your results. Additionally the Firebelly App can be used to customize the type of feedback that the device provides. You can determine which split times you want to hear (e.g. 25's, 50's, or 100's), and if you want to hear stroke count or stroke rate. There is also a distance tracking feature that announces how many yards or meters you have completed. The Firebelly App can also configure customized cadence settings. Set a specific target stroke tempo for the cadence tones or use Learning Mode and have the device learn your tempo on the first length and set the cadence tones at that rate for subsequent lengths. With its advanced features and seamless integration with your workout, Firebelly provides the feedback and motivation you need to push yourself further and be a better swimmer. Terms of service: https:www.firebelly. me/index. php? option=com_content&view=article&id=18.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.1.4
Operating System Android
System Requirements None