Kitesurfing and windsurfing is a lot about feeling. The feeling when you get planing, when you sail in waves higher then you, or when you just enjoy a ride during sunset. When you are back on the beach, you have a feeling about your session. Was it good, was it bad, was it fast. But mostly you don't know why something was good or bad. With Windsport Tracker you can analyze your sessions: what was you maximum speed. what distance did you sailed. how long where you planing. how many jibes you did. how many jibes where planingBut its not only about your last session. The more you surf the better you get. But do you know what's your progress? Mostly when joining windsurfing or kitesurfing clinics, instructors will ask you about your success jibe ratio or how good your can kite upwind. With Windsport Tracker you see your progress: see how your jibe level increased month by month windsurfing or kitesurfing. see how you sail fasten in even lighter winds. see how you get more times planing. see how you better sail upwindWhen you have your own gear, do you know which is your fastest sail or kite? Or your favorite board? Or if you don't have your own gear but want to buy one, did you know what rental board was your best jibing one? Windsport Tracker tells you about your gear: how many times you used your board, sail, kite or fin. which is your fastest sail / kite. what's you most success board for planing jibes. what's you most success board for sailing upwindAll FeaturesTrack your windsurf and kitesurf sessions: import gpx files (see the link below for sample data). record your session with doppler speed accuracy (waterproof bag for your mobile is needed) Analyze your progress: session duration, planing, non planing and resting. see distance, planing and non planing. how many jibes you did, planing, non planing and missed. how many days have you been on the water, overall, yearly, monthlyOptimize your gear: see in how many sessions you used it, overall, yearly. see duration by gear, planing, non planing and resting. see the distance by gear, planing and non planing. check the jibe ratio by gear, planing, non planing and missedFollow us on. Facebook: Instagram: Google Plus: you need sample data, download gpx tracks from here: https:drive. usp=sharingIMPORTANT: Please make sure when using the App on the water, that you use a waterproof bag for your device. The software is provided without any warranty, expressed or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no case shall the program author be liable for any loss of profits or any other commercial damage, including special, incidental, consequential or other damages occasioned by use of this software.
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