This is a Tracker using the A-GPS capabilities of your phone. If activated it may record your track even when the phone goes to stand-by. It is designed in particular for hikers that want to record a new path or want to follow an existing track and, more important, if they want to avoid loosing themselves during their return way. Features: Elevation is given relative to mean sea level (note that most android programs don't do this) - Your Latitude and Longitude coordinates are given in degrees and in UTM-WSG84 (published in paper maps) - A track is stored in a GPX file. It can be recorded, stored or loaded to/from memory and shared with other people. Its Elevation vs Distance profile can be shown on the screen. Statistics of a loaded GPX track will include the net walk time, ascent and descent altitude. A "follow path" monitor function can be enabled to provide an alarm in case you are leaving a loaded GPX path. NOTE: The A-GPS (Assisted GPS) system relies on a series of signal sources not limited to GPS, like cell tower data and WiFi, that may enhance quality and precision when in poor satellite signal conditions and in particular will help to reduce time to start fixing initial position. GPS will be the source of the more accurate position: Latitude, Longitude and Altitude. Note that for hikers Altitude it is of particular importance and can be given only by GPS. GPS may get poor position coordinates when GPS signals are weakened by meteorological conditions and in particular in urban areas, when satellite signals are received from a multi-path propagation due to reflections on buildings.
Operating System Android