Simple Darts - Dart Scoring

Simple Darts is not a dart game. Simple Darts is new and improved. The best dart score keeping and dart game scoring application for Android is even better. Dart scorecard has never been easier. Play your favorite dart game with your friends and let simple darts track the scoring. Simple darts has NO ADS. And it never will. INCLUDED: X01, Cricket, Baseball, Around the World, Shanghai and Golf (Single players and teams) - Unlimited "undo" on all games- Save and load all games- Keep player statistics- Share your games on Facebook and Twitter- Supports all screen sizes & tabletsWITH DONATION: 1 to 8 players on X01- "No Scoring" option on Cricket- Skipping ahead on Around the WorldThrow your darts, tap your score and see what all the players have on one screen. That SIMPLE. I have worked hard to implement requested features and answer feedback and keep as much of this app as free as possible to include keeping it ad free. Please rate & comment if you like it. Good ratings & comments help me stay motivated and help others decide to download or not. There is also a donation module if you would like to chip in towards my morning coffee. o).
Operating System Android