Muay Thai Techniques

Learn the basics of Muay Thai in a matter of minutes. You will practice punches, kicks, knees, elbows, and more. Techniques Covered: Stance - Movement - Jab - Cross - Hook - UpperCut - Body Punches - Stance Switch - Leg Kick - Body Kick - Push Kick - Front Leg Push Kick - Spinning Back Kick - Knee - Elbow - Tornado Kick (Taekwondo) Blocking and Defense Moves: There are 27 blocking and defense moves that can be used in MMA sparring. Combos: There are over 40 combos, novice and expert, for you to master. Workout: This interval training workout will make you become a Muay Thai master as well as enhance your cardio. Use this workout daily to become a pro fighter. This app is your best opportunity to learn powerful combat moves. The instructor has eight years of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) experience making him a strong, powerful fighter; practicing fighting styles such as Karate ninjutsu, kung fu, kickboxing Krav Maga (military style), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (bjj), jujutsu keysi, aikido grappling, Judo, Greco Roman Wresting, kempo wing chun, and much more. However, Muay Thai will be the main technique taught in this app. While you are not in MMA School/training camp, this app is your best coach for self defense and unlocking your true potential to perform your best in a MMA sparring match/ fight. The instructor has been considered a pro fighting trainer. Practice all of the fighting moves daily to get a great cardio burning workout and to learn how to become a ufc pro. If you liked this app, give us 5 stars please.
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