5 star review: "This app is awesome. If you play darts and are trying to improve this is perfect. ". 5 star review: "Really easy scoring, brilliant for playing against DartBot in '01 and cricket". 5 star review: "This app is really incredible. The best one out there by far. Don't think twice about getting the full version, you won't be disappointed. ". Score darts against friends or practice and improve by challenging DartBot and the new SmartBot which analyses your recent performance to give you a close contest. FEATURES INCLUDE: Darts scorer includes Cricket, 101, 201, 301. , 501. , 701. and 1001. (. = unlocked after purchase). Built-in voice for match commentary - calls your name and scores as you play. Play against a fellow human or challenge SmartBot - the intelligent darts scorer opponent who adjusts to compete with your recent performance levels. Additionally you can challenge DartBot, the computer player designed to help you practice - 10 different levels of ability. Two score modes for X01, enter your total score, or each dart individually. Switch between the two scorer modes mid-game for dart-by-dart checkout suggestions. Set options for number of sets / legs, commentary and more. Suggested checkouts shown on screen. Unlimited undo / redo within any match. Add unlimited player profiles and view detailed darts statistics for each player. Add player photos too. Match histories including full statistics saved for each darts player. Share your match results or player statistics on Facebook and Twitter. LET'S PLAY DARTS.
Operating System Android