Speed Up Your Sprint

Every baseball showcase and tryout starts with a 60-yard sprint. Whether you like it or not, your 60-yard time determines as much about your baseball future as any other factor. Most stopwatches are hard to use because the buttons are too small and difficult to find the right button especially when you are self-timing. Our button is 3/4 of the screen, you hold it down to start and let it up to stop giving you the perfect timing companion. You enter your 60 yard goal (make it. 3 to. 5 seconds faster than your current time), then the app tells you how fast you need to run your 10, 20 & 40 yard splits to reach that goal. Studies show that the best way to improve your overall time is by speeding up your 10 and 20 yard splits. To help you visually see your goal, whenever you are timing your splits, a loud air-horn sound will play at the moment of your split-time goals. As you get faster, you will get closer and closer to the 10 yard marker when you hear the air-horn. Once you reach the line when you hear the sound, you have made your goal. The same sound hits when the clock gets to your 20, 40 and 60 yard goals. It is the perfect aid to speeding up your 60 yard sprint.
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