TargetScan ISSF Pistol & Rifle

Scan. Analyse. Improve. TargetScan is a specifically designed application for scoring your targets. This innovative tool will not only calculate the score but also analyse your shooting group providing essential statistics that will enable continuous improvement. SCORING SYSTEM. Instant score (standard with inner tens or decimal scoring). Automatic pattern and holes recognition. Eagle Eye for inspection of close shots (you can refine the shot location) SHOOTING GROUP ANALYSIS. Mean Point of Impact (MPI) - the centre of the group: windage and elevation. Mean Radius, Extreme Spread - to measure your grouping. Summary Target Plot with all shots in the session. Potential Score - check how many points you could gain by bringing the group to the centreSTAY ORGANIZED. Keep track of all your sessions and monitor progress. Add notes to your sessions and empty your drawer - you will always be able to review past results. Share by E-mail or Google Drive a detailed Session Report (PDF file) SUPPORTED TARGETSTargetScan currently supports over 80 disciplines including: International: ISSF 10m Air Pistol (4. 5mm) - ISSF 10m Air Rifle (4. 5mm) - ISSF 50m Rifle (. 22LR) - ISSF 25m Standard and 50m Free Pistol (. 22LR | STP, DP) - ISSF 25m Center-fire and Rapid Pistol (CFP, RFP). United Kingdom: NSRA 6yd Air Pistol (4. 5mm | Air 8) - NSRA 6yd Air Rifle (4. 5mm | Air 7) - NSRA 10m Air Pistol (4. 5mm | Air 4/89) - NSRA 10m Air Rifle (4. 5mm | Air 3/89) - NSRA 20yd/25m Pistol & LSR (. 22 | PL14-C, PL19) - NSRA 15/20/25yd/25m Rifle (. 22LR | 1510, 2010, 2505, 2510, 25M10, 2505CS) - NSRA 50/100yd/50m Rifle (. 22LR | 5002C, MM13/89, MM12C/96, 1001C/96). Germany: Traditional 10m Air Rifle (4. 5mm | Kyffhauser, 12) - DSB 15m Rifle (Zimmerstutzen) - BDS 25m Pistol (Nr. 9) - BDS 100m Rifle (ISSF). France: UFOLEP 10m Air Rifle (4. 5mm) - FFTir 25m Pistol (C50) - FFTir 25m Rapid Fire Pistol - FFTir 50m Rifle (TAR, mini C50) - FFTir 100m Rifle (TAR) - FFTir 200m Rifle (TAR, C200). Denmark: DGI 15m Air Pistol (4. 5mm | Skive M2000) - DGI 15m Pistol (. 22 | Skive M2000). Netherlands: KNSA 10m Pistol (. 22 | KKP, ISSF10mAP) - KNSA 12m Rifle (. 22 | KKG, KKK). United States: NRA 10m Air Pistol (. 177 | B-40) - NRA 10m Air Rifle (. 177 | AR 5) - NRA 50ft Pistol (. 22LR | Slow Fire B-2, Timed & Rapid Fire B-3) - NRA 50ft Pistol (. 22 | B-11) - NRA 50yd Slow Fire Pistol (9mm | B-6) - NRA 50ft Rifle (. 22LR | NRA-USAS 50, A-17, A-32) - NRA 50m Rifle (. 22LR | A-50) - CMP 10m Air Rilfe (. 177 | NMAR 200 SR, NMAR 600 SR). Canada: CCM 10m Air Rifle (4. 5mm | CCT2001AR853) - SFC 20yd Rifle (. 22LR | No. 134) More popular shooting sport disciplines especially governed by: NRA, NSRA, and DSB will be added soon. Have questions? Reach out to us at support@targetshootingapp.comYour cards don't lie. Analyse your old targets today and see your performance improve immediately. TargetScan is Ad-free and doesn't offer any In-App purchases.
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