My Fishing Advisor

Fishing success isn't a question of luck - it's about making the right decisions. Depending on the time of year, the location, the weather and water conditions, you need to pick the right structure, cover and water depth for your target species. Then you need to choose the right lure or bait and technique to catch those fish in that situation. This app will help you do just that. Like a fishing guide this app will consider many factors that affect fish behavior in order to predict where they will be and how actively they'll be feeding. This freshwater fishing guide supports bass, sunfish, crappie, perch, walleye, catfish, trout, salmon, pike and musky. The free version of My Fishing Advisor was discontinued two years ago, but it's back and better than before. Version 2. 0 is faster and more powerful than earlier versions, and has new features. Most functions are available in the free version, but there are some Pro Features for a small fee that serious anglers will want to unlock. Build your own collection of fishing spots and My Fishing Advisor will help you pick which ones are most promising at a given time. It will help with lure selection, and even details like the most appropriate rods, line, hook sizes and sinker weights. Beginners use My Fishing Advisor to take the frustration out of learning to fish and to find success much faster. Experts use My Fishing Advisor to find patterns they might otherwise overlook and to find and catch fish more consistently. What's new: A completely new user interface - A single tap takes you to a fishing plan, fishing forecast, solunar data, weather forecast, etc. Saved fishing locations - You'll never need to enter the features of one location more than once. Online backups - If you register from the settings screen, your spots will be backed up and restored if you ever change phones or reinstall the app. Location selection - You can view your locations in a list sorted by proximity or fishing prospects. Mapped spots - You can see all your spots marked on the map, color coded based on the fishing prospects for your target species. Navigation - With GPS enabled the map screen continually displays the distance and direction to your selected spot. Speed - Almost every function is much faster. Stability - You can return to your home screen or other apps and return to My Fishing Advisor and it will be right where you left it. Custom start-up - You can setup the app to start up on a fishing plan, fishing forecast, map, weather forecast, etc. , so you get what you want instantly. Fishing data improvements - Data for many species, lure types, etc. , has been improved. Simpler custom fishing plans - First a fishing plan is auto-generated, and then you can customize any element (structure, cover, lure type, etc). Minor improvements - For instance, you'll only see the terms of use screen once, not every time you run the app.
Operating System Android