Buffalo Bills Touch

The official Buffalo Bills interactive experience for Android devices is your definitive multimedia HUB for all things Buffalo Bills. Download it today and explore everything you, as a die-hard fan need to know about the Bills weekly match-ups during the Regular Season and Post Season. Start with getting to know this season's players & personnel, both on and off the field with the new and always-updated Team Guide, which features: A complete interactive Buffalo Bills Team & Coaches Roster. Notable and current events throughout the season, which impact the team and community. Bills Focus streaming video content delivered right to you every week. This informative and entertaining all-in-one dashboard also features a weekly publication entitled Buffalo Bills Fan Playbook, which is rich with smooth and elegant interactivity, immersing it's users as only a tablet can. The design-focused publication is complete with embedded audio, video and editorial content, touch-enabled photo slideshows, Social Networking integration and much more. The Buffalo Bills Fan Playbook includes: Weekly Game Preview featuring Countdown Clock, Opponent Series info, Bills Focus Video, up-to-the-minute Season Stats, animated Depth Chart and exclusive TV broadcast content. Bills Game Center Live for a second screen experience for fans' one-tap access to game-time relevant info and a live Twitter feed. There's even a built-in Soundboard to entertain yourself, family & friends while enjoying the Bills game live from the comfort of your home. Browse and purchase the latest Bills Gear right from your iPad. Also included: Periodic special edition releases featuring latest news and content about the Bills team and organization. Featured content, which coincides with the League's 365day calendar, such as the Draft held in May of every year. No matter when your pre-game preparations officially start the week of each Bills Gameday, start with downloading this essential tool that brings you closer to your team than ever before. Go Bills.
Operating System Android