Countering Combos 101

Boxing Counter Punching CombinationsCounter Punching 101 is an easy to use app that helps you develop fluidity in your boxing, respond intelligently, use ring smarts, attain advanced skills and hit without being hit. Boxing Mitt Coach lets you learn strategies, combinations, drills, and techniques, wheather you are at home, at the gym, or on the go. Master the techniques utilized at the world famous Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas U. S. A. COUNTER PUNCHING PAD DRILLSDecipher the training methods needed to learn and teach the lost art of counter punching. This cutting-edge program teaches your boxers how to hit without being hit. Add a whole new dimension to your boxer's training and your curriculum. ATTACKING THE BODY AND HEADPutting together winning body head combinations on the Coach Focus Mitts, Coach Chi-Tao Li demonstrates an innovative approach to attaining fluidity, enhance endurance, stamina, speed, power and coordination. MASTERING THE PUNCH MITTSTechniques on developing faster reflexes, decrease rection time, develop a multitude of boxing skills and reveal hidden talents through the use of punch mitts. GAINING HAND AND EYE SPEEDProgress your physical ability to fire rapid combinations and quickly transition to new angles, develop key attributes to be a better athlete. By practicing a series of speed enhancing mitt drills and creating an overall greater understanding of what it takes to become a faster ring technician, you will find the answers you need in these training methods. TRAINING VARIATIONSMany boxers enter the gym each day and simply go through the motions. They undertake the same repetitive routines and perform at the same level as the next guy, without thinking about doing that little something extra that would set them apart. Coach Chi-Tao Li's training variations are what separates the ordinary boxer from the EXTRA-ordinary one. This program was designed to help you gain an edge over your opponents by maximizing the effectiveness of every training method that you execute in the gym. DEFENSE SKILLSWhen most people think of boxing, visions of devastating right hands or left hooks come to mind. Yet there is another side of the sport that even seasoned coaches sometimes neglect.defense. Both basic and advanced defensive maneuvers are outlined and demonstrated allowing you to hit without being hit. AUGMENT YOUR HEAVY BAG WORKOUTAs one of the most traditional pieces of equipment in the boxing gym, the heavybag is essential to developing a boxer's complete arsenal. Various drills and techniques are dissected to help boxers develop and improve all aspects of their game, including range, distance, speed, power, and conditioning. Rediscover this indispensable training tool and sharpen your skills with every punch.
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