Absinthe Films Snowboarding

Absinthe Films is known for delivering the highest level of progressive snowboarding in a fresh, inclusive, and engaging way. Committed to establishing new standards rather than keeping up with the pack, Absinthe Films continues to forge ahead with the only app of it's kind in the snowboard world. All things Absinthe at your fingertips in one place, right on your mobile device. Features: New App Channels where the freshest Absinthe content will be released first. New Absinthe World Film Tour access allows you to see where the closest Absinthe premier will be and when. Free Movies - select films and bonus content available for limited time. Access every single Absinthe feature since 2000 through in-app purchases. Currently 17 feature films available. Selected rider videos, free in app. Access to multiple seasons of Flipside series. Quick access to all of Absinthe Films social channels. Push alerts to keep you notified of new and free content - Access to Absinthe social channels- Rider bios - WallpaperAll feature videos have been re-encoded for improved viewing quality. New premium and free content will be updated regularly. Feature movie Transcendence is available now for the first time in the app and it's free for a limited time.
Operating System Android