Are you fed up with losing your hard earned cash by visiting online gambling sites? Want to stop for good? 76% of our users never return to online gambling. BetPrevent has been carefully designed to offer a simple, smooth & effective anti-gambling support mechanism This application positively enhances user's chances of recovery by robustly eliminating the temptation with some amazing support features. Betprevent's smartly built in blocking software blocks over 22, 000 online gambling sites worldwide. Did you know that the average household spend on gambling is over $300 per year? An astounding $75billion is gambled globally every year, it's time to put the odds back in your favour and stop for good. Betprevent has already effectively helped 1000's of people overcome problem online gambling and the perils of addictiveness. How has this been so effective? The answer is simple, not only does Betprevent robustly eliminate the risk, it provides many more unique & smartly designed features. The App is currently the ONLY Anti-Gambling application available on the app store. UNIQUE FEATURES. BetPrevent restricts all access gambling sites & applications from your phone & tablet. The application intelligently monitors your progress day by day and works tirelessly to eliminate temptation, Users are provided with the option to add 'alert' contacts who will receive alerts when you make an attempt to access a gambling site (ideal for parents to install on student devices). The App includes pre-loaded email templates and gambling customer service emails allowing you to self-exclude permanently directly from the App, this is perfect to quickly eliminate the risk. At BetPrevent we have also recognised the need to simply get it all off your chest, this can be done using the confession wall, here the user can make confessions themselves or even comment & encourage by making comments on other users. We have recognised one of the crucial elements of long term gambling recovery is best achieved with the support of professionals and others, that's why we have carefully built in a messenger interface to allow direct contact with others and links to some of the most prominent anti-gambling support networks. This application is the ideal acquisition for those who are serious about making a positive & effective lifestyle change and give up online gambling for good. BetPrevent has helped thousands of people worldwide re-gain control of there gambling habits. With constant smart phone evolution, gambling has never been easier and more advertised to vulnerable consumers. With BetPrevent you can simply eliminate the temptation at the touch of a button. By installing this app for free you can become part of the only anti-gamble smart phone application available. Features include: BLOCKING ALL MAJOR GAMBLING SITES FROM YOUR PHONE OR TABLET. UNIQUE USER MEDAL REWARD AND ENCOURAGEMENT SYSTEM. PROGRESS TRACKER - EXACT DAYS - MONTHS YOU HAVE ACHIEVED WITHOUT GAMBLING. A CONFESSION BLOG WALL WHERE YOU CAN GET IT ALL OFF YOUR CHEST. A CHAT/USER INTERATION FEATURE TO SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES WITH OTHERS. FAST LINKS TO KEY HELP ORGANISATIONS. A SELF EXLUSION TEMPLATE WITH PRESET EMAIL ADDRESSES TO GLOBAL GAMBLING SITES. THIS APP HAS A NO ADS OR POP-UPS POLICY PROMISE - NO IN APP PURCHASES, THIS PURCHASE INCLUDES ALL CONTENT & NO FUTHER REQUIRMENT TO PURCHASE WILL BE OFFERED. BETPREVENT IS COMMITED TO HELP & NOT HINDER. THIS APPLICATION HAS BEEN DESIGNED TO AID GAMBLING PREVENTION AND DOES NOT GUARANTEE COMPLETE RESTRICTION TO ALL USERS. USERS OF THIS APPLICATION WHO HAVE RECOGNISED OR DEVELOPING GAMBLING PROBLEMS. USERS WHO ARE SUFFERING EXTREME ADDICTION TO GAMBLING SHOULD SEEK PROFESIONAL ADVICE/HELP. BETPREVENT LTD IS A REGISTERED UK BUSINESS, ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED. THIS SOFTWARE/APPLICATION/DESIGNS/FUNCTIONALITY ARE OWNED & RESERVED BY BETPREVENT LTD.
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