Lineup Creator

Creating strategic lineups for winning coaches. LINEUP CREATOR creates unbiased strategic lineups for each coach's situation based off of game time needs. The App allows you to take all of the guess work out of providing your team with a lineup that gives you those winning opportunities. This App is for the coach that has spent time filing out lineup cards before the game instead of warming up the team to the coach that got volunteered at the last league meeting to be a head coach and knows nothing about the players. LINEUP CREATOR is perfect for any age group from youth through adult whether you are playing baseball or softball. LINEUP CREATOR has several lineup strategies to choose from: speed, power, bat control, agility, and star power. Once you simply rate your players in these categories, the lineup is strategically set to the strength you need at that time based on the players present for that game. If you need to move a player up or down the lineup, no problem. You can customize to your needs. Once you find that winning lineup against certain opponents you can save that lineup for future use on the schedule. LINEUP CREATOR allows you to send your lineup directly to your assistant coaches, enthusiastic parents, and your opponent's scorekeeper. even umpires with no more paperwork. Simply share it through email or cell phone directly to whomever you choose. Player's numbers, names, positions, and batting order are all right there to be shared at the touch of a button. FEATURES- Allows you to privately rate each player according to 5 batting categories. Rates only present players based on strategy chosen. Allows up to 15 players per team. Allows each strategy to be saved with notes added for future use. Can customize lineups as needed after category has been chosen. Allows you to share the lineup with those you chose.
Operating System Android