With ZingFan you can create your own online scrapbook by placing all your sports moments in one place. ZingFan is a totally free social network site that brings athletes of all ages and skill levels and their fans together, anywhere in the world. Any athlete, sports fan, team, club, organization or event, at any level, can create a user profile and upload their sports moments via pictures, videos and comments to their timeline. Become fans of others and follow everyone's sports moments all at once on your Sportsfeed. Share pictures and videos with your fans and fans of, providing them with more sporting moments to be used on their time lines or photo albums. ZingFan is the place to post a picture or video of your victory, big hit, touchdown, goal, or even the big fish you caught when no one was around. These moments will be archived in your timeline for viewing by current fans, and fans of generations to come.
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