Football Prediction Tipster

#1 Football prediction app that quantifies Bookmaker odds. 2015/16 new season has started with a BANG. we got 100% prediction analysis correct on the opening day. We hope that you took advantage of Tipsta and its success, if not don't worry there are thousands more to come this season. Free and advanced customisable prediction system. Tipsta provides you with quality football prediction tips in a simple worded text and in numerical form. Unlike some systems which simply converts bookmaker odds to predictions, we produce predictions using our unique scientific mathematical analysis, independently and very precisely. You can compare the bookmaker odds with the actual odds to decide if the odds offered by the bookmaker is a good deal or not. We cover cover major european league games including English Premier, Scottish Premiership, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga and much more. (new ones added recently). Our Hot Tip prediction tips are currently accurate to 78%. This is an exceptional average and 71% for the season. When you think of a football prediction tipster think of Tipsta. POSSIBLE ISSUES: 1) LOGIN FAILSIf you cannot login to Tipsta app then you probably have the old version and you will need to download the latest version from Google Play store. 2) CANNOT ACTIVATE ACCOUNTIf you cannot activate your account for any reason just send us an email and we will be happy to activate it for you (send your emails to info@tipsta. net) 3) SUBSCRIPTION PURCHASED NOT CHANGEDIf you have made a purchase and you do not get the pro predictions then please email info@tipsta. net and we will correct it manually. Euro2016 Correcly predicted surprise winners include: Ireland beat Italy, Albania beat Romania; Croatia beat Spain; Turkey beat Czech RepublicPredictions for the new season 2016/17 has started. If you purchased before it started then we will be happy to add an extra one month free subscription. Please email us (info@tipsta. net) your Google payment reference number and the email address that you use to login to Tipsta and we will credit your account.
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