Autumn snuggled up to the neighborhood and the kids, among some leaves falling, played basketball at the Sports Square No. 2. Some traders, porters, neighbors, and many young people seeking their first job in a country that lived a dictatorship, Athletic Club Goes a 10 April 1934. forged Even before officially founded, Goes generated a groundswell famous between different basketball courts, because it was felt and filled all the places that his players roamed. Gradually, the excitement grew. All that mass between years and years, was bringing Goes over time, with bad and good times. But the most important thing was always: passion. That, that was passed down from generation to generation. From father to son, and so on. Goes is great, because its people so ago. For his claw, his talent and his heart. With the new official application of C. A. Goes Live can follow the latest news highlights Missionary. You can follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter channels. You, you're a fan of Goes, take this tool to be connected with the missionary world and not miss any of this Liga Uruguaya de Basketball 2016-2017. I followed every game and find out absolutely everything that happens with statistics updated in real time. Plus you'll receive notifications with the results of club parties and all relevant information so you will not miss any details of Goes.
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