Swim Counts is a simple, easy, and fast swimming app that shows all of your favorite swimmers' times, meets, and rankings right at your fingertips. Swim Counts searches USA Swimming related websites for swimmer's swimming data (times, events, and rankings) and organize them in an easy to view and navigate way. No more wondering or paper searching for swimmer's best times. It's right at your fingertips. You first search and add your swimmers in the "Fave" screen. You can further long press a swimmer to move her/him up or down in the list, or you can delete them by swiping left. Clicking a swimmer in the list will navigate to the "Times" screen. It shows the swimmer's "Best Times", times for each stroke, in short and long course tabs. The best feature of Swim Counts is that you can swipe the swimmer's name on the top of the screen to view the next or previous swimmer's times. This is very convenient to compare among swimmers. Past meets and events show in the "Meets" screen. Events and time improvements are displayed in a table. And the Personal Best time indicator is conveniently shown in the last column. Finally the swimmer's current IMX ranking can be viewed in the "IMX" screen, categorized by the short and long courses. Though a simple app, it can display useful and large amount of data that you need it fast.
Operating System Android