Darts Score Pocket

Simple darts machine in your pocketWherever you are at home with your friends, pub or bar, you will always have a darts machine in your pocket. This app has the greatest feature that you can save not only the game score but also the positions of the darts thrown, and can check them out later. Throw your dart and input your score simply by tap the position on the darts board where your dart was thrown, that makes the scoring simple. Games- Count-Up (8rounds) - 01 (301, 501, 701, 901, 1101, 1501) - Cricket (Standard, Random, Hidden) Features- Darts games score counting- Simple scoring user interface- Up to 4 players on games- Unlimited undo on all games- Sound effect & BGM- Award&Feats graphic effectStatistics- Scatterplot of the darts thrown- Graph that displays the round scores- High score (High score, High PPR, High MPR) - Average Score (Average PPR, Average MPR) - Award&Feats countPlease rate & comment if you like it.
Operating System Android