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Sports Action Odds & Scores - The sharp bettor's real-time dashboard. Now every sports fan has access to the real-time data and analysis used by professional sports bettors in a clean, fast and free mobile app. Scores with in-line play by play, live in-game and halftime lines. Easily track all of your picks for real-time covering status and results. Unlock value plays and game projections from leading statisticians. Near real-time odds data from over 40 sportsbooks. Free, with no banner ads. Featuring the SportsAction Analysts NetworkBetter data informs better decisions - Tap into a network of independent analysts who have developed proprietary models to predict outcomes by analyzing years of data, identifying patterns and finding inefficiencies. Subscribe to unlock the projections of the top data scientists in sports. SportsAction, Inc. independently records, timestamps and grades all predictions to ensure accurate and transparent results. Information is for news and entertainment purposes only - We do not believe in "locks" and do not endorse illegal betting. Please enjoy responsibly. SportsAction, Inc. is not affiliated with or endorsed by Apple, Inc. , the NFL, MLB, NBA or NCAA, nor is it a gambling site, and does not accept or place wagers of any type.
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