Sports Gamet Fantasy Football

Sports Gamet Fantasy Football is a revolutionary new fantasy sports game that allows fans of all ages to quickly, easily and securely create teams of their favorites sports players using our patent pending "Stack Roster" drafting technology. Create and join one-week or multi-week Challenges against friends and other Sports Gamet members, then challenge opponents either head-to-head or in leagues of up to 12 people to play. Sports Gamet currently supports Fantasy Football for the National Football League with other sports coming soon. Sports Gamet's patent pending Stack Roster technology provides a unique way to select players for your team against numerous opponents in a challenge. The app allows you to either use the same roster across all your challenges for the week or customize your rosters against certain individuals - use strategy to help maximize your line-up that week. Get player statistics, projections and the latest news related to your roster so you can adjust your stack roster each week. No season-long commitment and you can join different challenges against different users each week. Never ruin your season due to injuries again. Sign up, create your stack roster, join challenges, modify rosters against specific opponents, and watch live scoring in app to track your performance throughout the week.
Operating System Android