MILES Laser Tag Utility

MILES Laser Tag Utility allows users to test, configure, troubleshoot, and perform adjudication on MILES equipment. To ensure functionality with your device, it is advised to download, install, and test the free/lite version of this app prior to downloading this premium version. Features quick access to over 65 MILES weapon and administrative commands including adjudication functions, missiles, artillery, tank rounds, machine guns, assault rifles, and vehicle and aircraft armaments from around the world. User friendly and intuitive interface, much more so than other MILES adjudication solutions- Features advanced console where users can create custom MILES transmissions using any weapon, ammo type, or player ID (PID) - Observer/controllers and junior leaders can aid in the setup of training engagements games to meet scenario requirements as well as manually assess simulated damages to a player's person, weapon, or vehicle. Provides the ability to test, and therefore predict, what effect (in terms of damage) particular weapon system will have on a player's person or vehicle. Allows for the troubleshooting of MILES equipment by the individual operator, decreasing the number of players who cannot participate in the skirmish due to technical issues. Contains a reference page useful in deciphering decoded MILES transmissions and preparing custom MILES transmissions - Compatible across a wide variety of Android devices (tested on Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, and S6) - App size is under 2MB, easily downloadable in the field- For security purposes, note that the app does not have permission to make any connections to the internet, nor can it access any personal information. It also does not use any wireless data. Excellent developer support.
Operating System Android