RaceTime - Speedometer

RaceTime -Speedometer- will transform your smartphone into a simple and useful speedometer that will display the speed in kilometers per hour thanks to the GPS signal (internal or external bluetooth). RaceTime in addition to being a speedometer, has the possibility of measuring the acceleration of the your vehicle and allow its subsequent analysis. Even without being inside a Racetime circuit, the Android app will use GPS information to calculate all the times related to an acceleration test. Thanks to the sensibility of the GPS receiver installed on your smartphone, the time will be timed from the first movement of the vehicle until it reaches the maximum speed. At the end of the test you will see a table with the time elapsed from zero in all speed ranges from zero to the target and maximum speed. For a more detailed analysis of the sprint will be shown a graph representing the speed curve over time, from which you can extract interesting information as a point of maximum torque, gear change time shifting and much more. An application for your all-round performance on the track.
Operating System Android