Go on a shore excursion and be notified if your anchor drags with the app's text message capabilities. Or stay on board and receive an alarm sounds. The app runs in background so you will still get alarm notices when the devices screen in locked. Alarms for: GPS Off. GPS Not Accurate. Exiting Guard Zone. Reentering Guard Zone. Low Battery. Low MemoryAll alarms can be configured for: Sound on your device. Send SMS message. Both. NoneWe recommend that you do not use the GPS Off or the GPS Not Accurate alarms since this can happen frequently and can become annoying. The Exiting alarm contains the following information: Distance outside guard zone (feet/meters). Speed the boat is moving (mph/km/h). Direction (bearing) The app includes Battery Saver technology which saves on battery usage. This technology reduces the GPS refresh rate when you boat is sitting still to save battery usage. When your boat exits the guard zone or it is moving quickly on the hook the GPS refresh rate is increased to give you quicker notifications of changes. Battery Saver will also reduce battery usage when the battery is getting low. The app also includes Smart Memory Manager technology which monitors the app's memory usage and reduces it if required. By first removing old drift paths. If more reduction is still required, the app will turn off Google Maps and use the non-map display. If even more reduction is required, the app will turn off all map display and run in monitor mode which includes GPS and alarms. Configuration options include: Units (English/Metric). GPS Accuracy (feet/meters). SMS Phone Number. Exited Zone Notification Interval (minutes). Map Optionso Use Google Maps or data saving non-map displayo Display drift path (on/off). Anchor Optionso Automatic Calculationo Two Point methodo Manual method. Boat Size (length/width/freeboard). Anchor Type (all chain/all rope/both). Adjust Guard Zone (change anchor spot/change radius) Automatic Calculation method: This is the easiest anchor method. All you need to do is: 1. Enter the water depth. 2. Press the Set button. This can be done after you set you anchor. It is best to start the app before you drop the anchor. When you enter the water depth the app will than show you the recommend amount of anchor line. This is based on the Anchor Type ratio. Both the ratio and the Line Length can be changed. Press the Set button once you set the anchor and the line is out taught. The Two Point method involves: 1. Standing over the anchor spot and press the app's Set button2. Move to the back of your boat and with the anchor line out taught press the app's Set buttonThe Guard Zone will then be active. The Manual method only works with Google Maps. This method involves1. Touch the screen at the anchor location2. Touch the screen to set the Guard Zone radiusThe Guard Zone will then be active. Whichever map option you have chosen the app will display the Guard Zone with a boat icon and if you have selected the drift path showing the boat's movement. The boat icon is scaled to your boat size so the display shows the correct relationship of where your boat is in the Guard Zone. The boat movement is determined by accurate GPS fixes this eliminates erroneous notifications that your boat has left the guard zone. PRIVACY POLICYThis app collects a phone number. We use this to send SMS (text) messages which are alarm notifications from the apps. No third party or anyone at Pretty Puppy Apps has access to this information nor the phone number. You can remove it by using the app's menu and setting the Phone Number too blank.
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