Mountain Hub is the first real-time global network for the outdoors. Join outdoor professionals and casual adventurers as we work together to build a safer and more accessible outdoor community. Discover the outdoors with powerful navigational tools, experience them safety first, and share your experiences to help lead a culture of contribution. You can access Mountain Hub on any platform, including - Android phones and tablets, and online at REAL-TIME OBSERVATIONS- Learn about recent conditions from geo-tagged safety observations. See what others have been doing, with easy-to-use trip reports and media sharing. Help your local outdoor community by sharing your own observations about conditions, hazards, and other safety information. POWERFUL MAP TOOLS- Select from a variety of high quality map base layers including worldwide topo and aerial maps. Utilize advanced terrain visualizations to improve your understanding of terrain and how it affects your decision making. GO PREMIUM- Be the ultimate contributor in your community who inspires others to be safe and get the most out of the outdoors. Get access to even more global map base layers including CalTopo, French IGN, Swiss Topo, and many more. Explore terrain with additional visualization types including slope angle and aspect. Set no-go boundaries with our powerful custom terrain filters. Get an additional "point of interest" observation type. Control how you share your observations, and who sees your activity and observations. NOTES- Continued use of cellular data or GPS tracking can dramatically decrease battery life. Mountain Hub strongly recommends that you carry a backup battery pack as your phone is an important safety device during outdoor adventures. Mountain Hub is an expansion of the Avanet app. Not all features of Avanet will be live in our first releases including route tracking, detailed professional observations, unlimited map caching, and route following. Many more features are staged to debut over the course of the next few months with subsequent releases, so stay tuned. SUPPORTWe love hearing from our users. Our team works constantly with users ranging from the most elite outdoor professionals to casual outdoor enthusiasts. Please share your feedback with us so that we can work together to make Mountain Hub even better for you.
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