5+6 7+8 Fontainebleau

A compendium to Bart van Raaij's guidebooks of bouldering in Fontainebleau (also known as "Font" or "Bleau") : 5+6 Straight ups in Fontainebleau- 7+8 Straight ups in Fontainebleau5+6 7+8 allows you to find, filter and sort boulder problems and get an accurate description and detailed information of the problems in the well known guidebooks. This app is free and contains information about the straight ups in Petit Bois and Rocher Canon. More areas are available and updated regularly. To purchase this information, navigate to 'Store' within the app. Bart van Raaij has been bouldering in Font since 1988 and climbed thousands of problems from 5 to 8, in all sectors of Fontainebleau. His first 7+8 guide was published in 2002 and the accurate maps and clear design were immediately highly appreciated. He has been updating his guides ever since. This app was developed to facilitate the use of his printed 5+6 and 7+8 guidebooks.
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