The first two concepts, kicking and punching, are easy enough to understand. Taekwondo is distinguished from other martial arts by its emphasis on high kicks, including spinning and jumping kicks, and fast hand techniques. Taekwondo's emphasis on kicks stems from the belief that because the leg is the longest and strongest limb a martial artist has, kicks have the greatest potential to execute powerful strikes without retaliation. Taekwondo training includes the teaching of blocks, kicks, punches and other strikes; forms (poomsae) ; sparring (noncontact to full contact) ; self-defense; weapons techniques; and mental discipline. Physically, taekwondo develops strength, speed, balance, flexibility, stamina and self-confidence. The third concept, DO, is the most important and complex. Do is the foundation of our philosophy and teaching at Lee's Martial Arts. Understanding Do gives students respect for martial arts as well as for other people and teaches them the appropriate times to use their skills in class and for self-defense.
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