You're a climber. You climb in different gyms or locations. You're tired of asking Google for the conversion sheet about climbing grades. When you top a really hard line, you would like to record your success and share it with your friends. Welcome to GradeClimb. Climbing Grade ConverterGradeClimb. is a must-have app for every climber, for beginners as for pros. Just choose the grade of the route in front of you and GradeClimb. will show you the converted climbing grades of all popular grading systems. No matter if bouldering or free climbing. No matter if rock or plastic. No matter if inside or outside. GradeClimb. is your handy partner for your climbing adventures. Free Climbing: UIAA, French, Yosemite, UK Tech. , UK Adj. , Saxon, Finnish, SWE/NOR, Ewbank (AUS, NZL), Ewbank (SA) Bouldering: Font, V-Scale, Brazil (Bould. ). Climbing StoriesYou sent the route? Awesome. Record your success with a personalized story, including location and name of the route and a snapshot with your friends who enjoyed this moment with you. Finally, if you want to, you can share your climbing story with your friends. Choose route colorFor gym routes you can even set the appropriate color. Feedback. We would be happy to hear from you. Facebook: first. ascent.
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