Raccoon Calls for Hunting

Want affordable raccoon hunting calls? The RaccoonPro electronic raccoon calls caller app provides you REAL raccoon hunting calls at your fingertips. These raccoon calls are clear, crisp and recorded from REAL raccoons. 10 unique raccoon hunting soundtracks included. Connect the app to your speaker and amplifier system to play the raccoon hunting calls loud.FEATURES:- 10 raccoon hunting calls- Effective, realistic and clear raccoon calls- Bluetooth compatible to sync to a Bluetooth speaker- Raccoon hunting can play in the background of your phone allowing you to text, take pictures and surf the internet without disrupting the raccoon calling sounds- The soundtracks allow you to set the raccoon calls and focus on raccoon hunting- Connect to your speaker system with audio cables or Bluetooth (cables not included)- No more forgetting to grab your MP3 player or memory cards, you always have your phone with you- E-Calling audio for calling raccoons at a fraction of the cost of purchasing multiple soundtracks and memory cards separatelySoundtracks included in "RaccoonPro"- Raccoon Distress- Raccoon & Cottontail Baby Rabbit Distress- Raccoon Pup Distress- Raccoon Pup Cries- Raccoon Fight- Agressive Raccoon- Twittering Raccoon- Raccoon Growls- Woodpecker Distress- Baby Cottontail DistressDownload RaccoonPro and start having raccoon hunting success today!
Operating System Android