Dr. Dial-in can help you take the guess work out of selecting the best dial-in. Log passes for multiple vehicles- Quick access to your pass information- Quick access to similar passes- 1/8 and 1/4 mile predictions saved with every pass- Trending graphs defaulting to comparing predictions with ETs- Sophisticated Dr. Dial-in Prediction Engine (DDPE) - Tuned predictions - Vehicle performance change detection - Breakout risk prediction corrections - Predictions with wind factor corrections (DDP+WF) - Wind factor vehicle sensitivity adjustments- Prediction notification- Custom Fields- Attach time slip photos- Pass CountersLog passes easily for multiple vehiclesDesigned for quick and easy logging of passes. The New Pass icon is always just a click away. Edit any pass using the Edit Pass icon on the detail screen or long press any pass listing for a menu of options. Not only are multiple vehicles supported, Dr. Dial-in makes switching between vehicles easier than any other app available. No longer will you need to navigate away from your current screen to change vehicles. Simply click the menu icon to the left of the current vehicle, select the vehicle of choice, and watch screen data update. Quick access to your pass informationDr. Dial-in shows a lot of information directly on the pass listings to make it easier to find the pass you want to examine in more detail. Here are all the things you can determine without having to drill in deeper: Selectable time slip fields - Date - Location - Color Coding indicating type of pass: Time Run, Win, or Loss - Lane choice - Quality of run such as All Out, Spun, or LiftedClick any pass to view its full detail that includes incremental ETs, predictions, package, Horse Power, and more. Quick access to similar passesInstead of thumbing through pages of log book entries looking for similar passes, let Dr. Dial-in pull them together for you. Similar passes to your last pass are always available from the main tabs, and just a long press away from any pass listed. 1/8 and 1/4 mile predictions saved with every passEvery pass entered into Dr. Dial-in logs the prediction for its date and time. This allows you to see how well the Dr. Dial-in Prediction Engine (DDPE) is doing and helps you build confidence for future predictions. Applications that provide predictions without a way to determine its accuracy only lead to second guessing yourself and uncertainty. Trending graphs defaulting to comparing predictions with ETsDr. Dial-in defaults its graphs to comparing predictions with ETs. This allows you to see how well the DDPE has been doing. You can change the graph to show trending of any pass details. Sophisticated Dr. Dial-in Prediction Engine (DDPE) Calculations are based on Patrick Hale's Motorsports Standards Atmosphere and Weather Correction Methods. But, Dr. Dial-in predictions are more than just mathematical algorithms, it tunes its prediction criteria and adjusts to past prediction results. Tuned predictionsMade a weight change or engine modification to your vehicle that has reduced your ET? Dr. Dial-in will detect the difference in predictions and tune its self to the changes within two passes. That means by the time you make your time runs your predictions will be back on track. The engine will also tune predictions to reduce the risk of breakouts. Wind corrections are the most complex prediction formulas, but Dr. Dial-in offers predictions for that as well so you can make an informed dial-in. Prediction NotificationThe Doctor makes house calls. Turn on notifications and the Doctor will alert you to new predictions for changing weather conditions. Customize the Dr. Dial-in Ringtone in Settings to play your favorite obnoxiously load sound bite so you can hear it over the rumbling engines in staging. Pass CountersCreate Pass Counters for tracking safety equipment, maintenance items, and parts.
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