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SHOTCalc: "A DRIVING RANGE IN YOUR POCKET". FULL Version of Golf SHOTCalc: SHOTCalc is a golf shot calculator like no other. You will be able to see how the affects of Temperature, Wind, Pressure, and Height affect each club in your bag. Most Golfers usually are more consistent on a driving range than the actual course. The reason is because the range is a set environment that doesn't change. What if you could put, "A DRIVING RANGE IN YOUR POCKET". SHOTCalc is a simple application that will assist you in knowing exactly how far you hit each club in your bag no matter the current conditions. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. FORECAST SETUP: a. Range Forecast: The Temperature and Elevation of a Driving Range you are used to visiting. This will assist in CALCulating the base distances for how far you hit each club. b. Current Forecast: The Temperature and Elevation of the day you are playing."Today's Forecast"2. CLUB SETUP: a. SELECT CLUBSET: Choose from one of four Pre Determined Clubsets: Pro, Scratch, Amateur, or Novice. These distance will be based on The Driving Range Forecast settings. b. CUSTOMIZE EACH CLUB: a. Adjust each club from the Pre-Populated Clubset to match your known distances. (I recommend visiting a driving range to determine how far you hit each clubs. Doing so on a nice day with no wind is ideal. Keep in mind driving range balls are designed to reduce the distance of your shots, especially on longer clubs. ) FEATURES: CURRENT DISTANCES: List of all your clubs distances based on the Current Forecast. WITB: Select only the clubs you want to see calculations for. (Only select the clubs you have in the bag during a round. This will prevent the calculator from suggesting clubs that are not available. Note: You can select up to 15 clubs in the case of a practice round, but 13 clubs are recommended. ) SHOTCalc: 1. Select the DISTANCE, WIND, and HEIGHT of your current shot. 2. Click SHOTCalc and the app suggests what club to hit. IT'S THAT SIMPLE. SETTINGS: Determine what units you want to view the application with. Yards|Meters- MPH|KPH- Fahrenheit|Celsius. All distances are carry distances. Note: This application is designed for handheld devices only. VERSIONS: SHOTCalc Demo: Price: Free Demo- ALL functionality of the SHOTCalc Pro App to try. Demo Clubset consisting of 3 clubs. Contains Ads. SHOTCalc Lite: Price: Free- Most of the SHOTCalc App. functionality. SHOTCalc Module Excluded- Full Clubsets- 4 Clubsets to Choose from (Pro, Scratch, Amateur, Novice) - Customize each club. View Distance Adjustments based on Temperature and Elevation for each club. Contains AdsSHOTCalc Full: Price: $2. 99- Full Unlocked Version- Includes ShotCalc Module- Future Updates Included- Larger Fonts (Easier to Read On Golf Course) - More Screen Space- Increased Battery Life- Increased Processing speedsTags: Golf, Golf App, Golf Weather App, Shot Calculator, Distance Calculator, Caddie, Caddy, Golf Game, Golf Distance Calculator, Golf Wind Calculator, Golf Temperature Calculator.
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