Swim Splitter Split Calculator

Get instant, official split times for up to 3 lanes simultaneosly. Swim Splitter computes individual or subtracted splits from cumulative scoreboard times. Pool scoreboards often display the total elapsed time when a swimmer hits their touchpad, but a swim parent or coach typically wants to know the time for each lap or leg (in the case of a relay). What was my child's split in that freestyle or medley relay? How are they progressing in their 500 Free or 400 IM? Why use a stopwatch app when you can get the official split in an instant? Get the swim split calculator that eliminates the guesswork and get the official split times. Record splits for up to 3 lanes at once. Enter as many times as necessary for the event without specifying the number of laps beforehand. The app simply computes the split and adds a new time entry line when the last one has been populated. Automatic tabbing between time-entry fields makes time entry extremely fast and easy. Times are validated as they're entered, and splits are automatically recomputed when a correction is made to a previously entered time. You can't get official splits any faster or easier than this. A set of splits can also be saved for future review. In addition, there's a mode that allow splits to be "recorded" when the scoreboard provides them so you'll have a complete record of all your swimmer's times in one convenient place. See the screenshots and video for a clear demonstration of this indispensable app for the swim mom or dad. Take it from a swim parent, sooner or later you'll need this app. Please email me with feedback, issues, questions, or enhancement requests at myturnsoftware@gmail.com.
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