Skydive Altimeter

This is NOT a real altimeter. This is altimeter simulator can be used to help a SkyDiving student to practice altitude awareness. That is to practice looking at your altimeter regularly during the dive and being aware of your altitude. Features: Metric and Feet support - custom altimeter face for each. Jump height can be configured (e.g. 14, 000 feet, or 4000m). Three simulated audible alert sounds can be configured. For example for: 1st: Breakoff, e.g. 5000 feet (or in meters) - 2nd: Pull, e.g. 4000 feet (or in meters) - 3rd: Warning, e.g. 1500 feet (or in meters) - 4th: Canopy Descent. Fall Rate (Belly Flying, or FreeFly/HeadDown). Easier adjustment of heights/speeds via sliders.
Operating System Android