Shoot utilities IPSC - USPSA

Shoot Utilities includes some useful features for those who practice dynamic shooting: Hit factor allows you to easily calculate your score after each stage for both USPSA and IPSC. Hit Factor will show you your HF in both Major and Minor power factors so you can easily see how you would have done in other divisions. you can save the results and then taking the average of the HF selecting multiple stages. It is possible to export database in excel format and then send it by e-mailThe PAR timer dry drill function allows you to train using predefined exercises or saving personalized one. You can buy the Pro version that removes the ads and enables additional functions. Additional Functions: 1) Power Factor Calculator useful to calculate and store the power factor values according to different powders, primers, gauges and weather conditions. 2) Handguns manager to store information on your guns and usage. It is possible to export the database on the device or on google Drive and then restore it on a new device.
Operating System Android