Minimum Skills - Roller Derby

Roller Derby is a challenge to learn, this app lets you track your progress. Everything you need to help you through your roller derby minimum skills assessment is here, in a handy tick list. This app lists every skill you need, along with helpful tips on how you can improve and master each one. The app tracks your progress and generates a progress bar to show you how close you are to completion. The App is based on the 2013 WFTDA Minimum Skills Requirements, and breaks all you need to know down into the following categories: Basic skills- How many laps you can do in 5 minutes- Recovery- Balance & Agility- Pack skills- BlockingThere's also a category for Rules; as part of your Minimum Skills you'll need to do a written rules test. You can track the progress of multiple skaters too, with the League Assessment feature. Updates are due for the app to bring you all the requested features, so make sure to always get the very latest version. If you have any requests for features, please get in touch.
Operating System Android